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The Company

Managagement summary


Schweighofer Recycling Solution GmbH is a "Start Up" and deals with the development and production of innovative water treatment systems. A 2-part system was developed, built and has been tested in practice:

+ A system for solids-liquid separation by means of a rotating drum filter ensures the separation of solids up to > 15 μm from the process water. This ensures that there is no significant accumulation of contaminants, especially lint abrasion, in the process water when the recycled water is reused.

+ The disinfection system ensures that there is no accumulation of bacterial strains in the process water.

This 2-part system results in many areas of application. The system can be used wherever cleaned, sterilized and liquid process water can be reintroduced into the operating process.


  • Entrepreneur-managed GmbH without external liabilities

  • Tested technology for saving resources in laundries

  • Cooperation with universities, accredited laboratories, detergent manufacturers, ...

  • Unique recycling system - reuse of recycled suds

  • Up to 70 % water savings, up to 75 % sewer cost savings, up to 30 % energy savings in the washing process, up to 20 % chemical savings in the washing process

  • Full-service provider - planning, engineering, financing and subsidy support, plant construction, implementation, servicing, analysis control through monitoring during operation

  • Durable technology - use of the best materials

  • Fixed cost reduction for laundries with market advantage, amortization depending on the laundry of significantly less than 36 months

  • Environmental protection and resource conservation - demanded by politicians

  • Start-up with high earnings potential

  • Further developments are being considered and prepared for implementation

Company Purpose

Schweighofer Recycling Solution GmbH plans, develops, builds and offers customers a unique recycling system, especially for the lye treatment of large laundries. The recycling system treats process water by mechanical filtration and germ-reducing treatment in such a way that it can be returned to the production process.


Schweighofer Recycling Solution is committed to the economic and sustainable development of recycling solutions. The focus is on saving resources for the benefit of the environment. A sustainable use of recycling systems in the long term is only given with an economic orientation.


We want to develop our recycling processes for companies in such a way that resource savings ultimately contribute to the economic success of our customers. We attach particular importance to the reuse of the treated water and alkaline solutions in order to achieve a maximum reduction in the use of raw water, energy and chemicals.


We want to help ensure that companies use resources as sparingly as possible and derive an economic benefit for businesses from this.

Project management

Each customer project is assigned a project manager based on availability.


Consulting, production, installation and certification, commissioning, training during operation, online support and monitoring.

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