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Recycling Solution



An important prerequisite for the reuse of the spent liquor is germ reduction. We offer two different sterilization processes for this purpose.


Depending on the operating situation, one sterilization process or a combination of both processes is recommended.

The disinfection process ensures that...

  • a 99.9% kill rate of bacteria, yeasts, molds, pathogenic germs and viruses is achieved.

  • no accumulation of harmful germs occurs due to an interval-controlled treatment with caustic solution during the resting phases of operation.

  • the processes are controlled fully automatically.

  • the technology used has a long service life with low maintenance requirements.


Filter Technic

  •     Pressureless filtration

  •     Automatic dirt discharge

  •     Automatic filter cleaning

  •     High filter performance

  •     Filtration > 20 μ

  •     Manufacturer certificate

  •     Best materials and technology

  •     Very low maintenance

  •     Extremely long service life


Control & Monitoring

  • Best pump technology

  • Low maintenance

  • Operated autonomously via fully automatic control and sensors

  • Centrally installed in the control cabinet Sensors continuously measure relevant data such as temperature, quantity, flow rate, ph value, μ,...

  • Fault reporting system

  • Simple and user-friendly

  • Operation Remote maintenance module


Storage & Conveyor Technology

  • Conical tanks for easy complete emptying

  • Automatic sink discharge

  • Volume individually adapted to the size of the plant

  • Can be equipped with automatic cleaning system



Our innovative water treatment system can significantly reduce the burden on the environment by saving fresh water, detergent and energy. Less "chemistry" is introduced into the sewer system, namely:

  •  Up to -70% water

  •  Up to -25% detergent

  •  Up to -20% energy

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